Monday, December 22, 2008

Ann's Birthday

We celebrated Ann's birthday on Thursday, December 18... the day before her birthday since she had the day off work. Cameron & Heidi and all the kids were here. We decorated gingerbread houses. All of the kids had their own. I put the houses together with hot glue the night before so the kids could have free reign with decorating. Years ago we used to do gingerbread houses for Ann's birthday, but we hadn't done that for a long time. Back then I used to make real gingerbread and royal frosting. We would cut out miniature houses and the kids would put them together and decorate. I had some requests for real gingerbread this year, but it was graham crackers or nothing. The last few years I've been wanting to make real gingerbread houses. I even bought the molasses, but I never seem to find the time. Graham crackers or gingerbread..... I think we had just as much fun. Ann unwrapped her gifts, we had dinner together and Annie's favorite cake (angelfood with a frosting made from melted Hersey bars & marshmellows and whipped cream). The kids all got along really well (though the volume was a little loud) and we all had a great time together!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Baby Blessing

We were recently in Salt Lake with Marissa and Levi for Finn's baby blessing. While I had the entire family together I thought it was a great opportunity to get a quick picture of all of us. Now, mind you, this is not a professional picture but it is a record of our entire brood until March when Cameron & Heidi will add one more granddaughter for us. After church we all enjoyed dinner with Levi's family at Grandma & Grandpa Bigler's home. We always enjoy spending time with Levi's family; and Finn, of course was the star attraction.

Monday, December 15, 2008

"It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas"

Tonight we finally decorated the Christmas tree. We're actually ahead of schedule..... Ann's birthday isn't until Friday and my goal is always to have the tree up before her birthday. Carter was so excited he could hardly contain himself and Isaac quickly got into the spirit of it too. Kaitlynn supervised.... and did some rearranging. Carter wanted me to stand under the mistletoe, but then he would pretend that he didn't want to get caught. Last year Isaac spent the entire holiday redecorating the tree, and I'm fairly confident that he will this year as well.

Gingerbread House

Isaac's preschool class made gingerbread houses. His teacher informed me that he did more eating than decorating. No surprise here. If you know Isaac, you know he LOVES candy. He even asks for it for breakfast. So..... by the end of the day, there were only graham crackers standing.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Cub Scout

Last night Carter received his Cub Scout Wolf badge. He also received a gold arrow point and 2 silver ones, and has numerous belt loops. He has been fortunate to have really great leaders. In fact, you can see one of his leaders, Heather Moulton in the picture. Her son Jared (Carter's favorite cousin) received his Wolf badge too.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Polar Express

Tuesday we took a ride on the Polar Express via the Heber Valley Railroad. After boarding in Heber, we headed for the North Pole. We were entertained by elves who passed out cookies and hot cocoa and told silly jokes. We all sang Christmas songs and read the story of the Polar Express. Mrs. Claus even shared her cookie recipe with us. When we arrived at the North Pole, Santa boarded the train and talked with every child. Isaac told Santa he wants "big, huge gum; big, huge candy; and big, huge presents as he held out his arms so Santa would make no mistake as to the amounts requested. Santa left each child with a bell.... so they will not forget.

Thanksgiving Weekend

Everyone was home for Thanksgiving! We enjoyed dinner at our house with lots of my extended family. Throughout the holiday we all did our best to spoil Finn. He's a very happy baby! Ann had to be at Radio Shack bright and early on Friday morning where she put in a 12-hour shift but made really great commissions thanks to all those crazy Black Friday shoppers. Terry took Carter and Isaac, and along with his brother Corey and his family enjoyed some of the Holly Days activities. They brought home "roasted chestnuts" to share a taste with the rest of us. I'd have to say they were some of the most repugnant things I've ever eaten. Saturday, back in Logan, Ryan took his final exams for his private pilot's license and Jenna reported to us.... he passed! He's even talking about flying home for Christmas, reminding Jenna how much faster the trip will be. If you know Jenna, you know she's not fond of, we'll see.