Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In Full Color

The yard is in bloom and I just had to share the color. Enjoy!

Monday, June 7, 2010

What We've Been Up To

4th grade Rendezvouse and Utah Program. For the Rendezvouse everyone had to bring 10-20 items to trade. The items couldn't be store bought. Carter made safety pin jewelry, each with a different pattern. They were a big hit! 

Isaac LOVES to ride his bike! He taught himself to ride a 2-wheel bike when he was 3. He has insisted on wearing his snow boots so often that I finally put them up where he can't find the them.

Carter earned a superior rating on his solos again this year. He was really nervous and really excited because this was a trophy year. (Superior ratings earn 5 points and it takes 15 points to earn a trophy.) Carter has earned a superior rating each year since he started playing the piano

Terry took Carter and Isaac to the Fireman's Breakfast. They even got to slide down the pole.

Seminary graduation

Visits from Ava (oh yeah, her mom and dad too)!

Brooklynn's Dance Review

The traditional "last day of school" shirt signing.

Kaitlynn's graduation from high school and the UBATC. The green braid she's wearing is for completing a Health Science Pathway. For those of us on the bleachers, the weather was great. It was windy, but that certainly beat the heat I remember at the other 4 high school graduations. This last weekend she and I attended an orientation at Utah State so there are lots of new adventures ahead for her.