Friday, August 4, 2017

So, today was the beginning of our annual "Cousin Camp". The activity this year is a series of challenges to complete with your "team". One of the challenges involved riding a bull so our team (Grandma Lila, Jason, Carter, Rachel, Kay Lynn & Kathy) went over to the bull on Aggie Blvd where Carter "rode" the bull.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Oh, David

Marissa is an avid reader. She especially loves children's literature, and she faithfully reads to her children every day. One of their favorite stories is a book entitled "Oh, David" by David Shannon. They've heard this story so many times that even little Lila has it memorized. While they were here for Thanksgiving Ann recorded Finn and Lila "reading" the story. If you listen carefully, at the very end of the story you'll hear Lila say the last line, "I love you".  TOO CUTE!!!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Halloween and Beyond

While Marissa and Levi were here for Thanksgiving we went out for Chinese. Lila didn't want anyone to carry her or even hold her hand, but she would let Isaac hold her hand. It's was pretty sweet to watch.

Once again Carter and his cousin Jared played together for the Federation Duet Festival. Their performance wasn't as polished as in the past, but the still received a Superior rating.

A recent trip to IFA was an opportunity for Isaac to pet a rabbit. Terry and I were price shopping food storage items and one of the workers offered to let Isaac pet the rabbit. 

As usual, Isaac got a bucket full of candy. I have say though, as much as he LOVES candy; he's very generous with it.