Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Birthday Time

Ann's birthday is December 19th and Terry's is December 28th. They both think December is not the best time to have a birthday because everyone is so focused on Christmas. Terry always claims that people just save part of your Christmas to give you on your birthday, so this year I just assured him that's what I had done (though I don't think he can complain after the iPad he got for Christmas). He is, however, still waiting for the oatmeal cake I always make for his birthday.


As usual, Christmas was a busy time but we enjoyed having family time together. Jenna and Ava came and stayed a week before Christmas and then Ryan joined us just before Christmas. Thanks Ryan for sharing your girls!

Federation Duet Festival

Carter and his cousin Jared played together in the duet festival and received a superior rating. This was their second year playing together and they both had enough points to receive a trophy (which takes at least 3 years to earn). Good job guys!