Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Family PIctures

The day before the wedding we had new family pictures taken. As always, Melinda Smith does a great job. I really like outdoor pictures and different setting each time. These family pictures will actually be current until January when Jenna and Ryan will add a new member to the family.

Kaitlynn & Garrett's wedding

Kaitlynn & Garrett's wedding came and went.

The weather was beautiful and so was she. I'm always so grateful for family who helps so much each time we have a wedding. Heidi did the engagement pictures and the bridals, and she designed the wedding invitation. My nephew, Devin did the wedding pictures. My sister-in-law, Connie did all of the flowers including the cake topper. They were beautiful. She even took charge of the kitchen the night of the reception.

For years I've tried to convince Kait that a wedding cake wouldn't be necessary but she still wanted one. So.... I decided I would make it myself. Ann thought I was nuts. Not nuts about my ability to make a wedding cake, but about doing it when I had so many other things to do. I did most of the decorating for the reception and Jenna and I did all of the refreshments. I decided to do the wedding cake because I thought it would be fun and because I refused to pay the price of a wedding cake. I took a cake decorating class many years ago while attending BYU but I haven't made a real decorated cake in many years and I've never worked with fondant. Thanks to youtube and the advice of others and 2 practice runs everything worked out great. I thought the cake was a real success if I do say so myself.

Levi had a business trip the week before the wedding so he brought Marissa, Finn and Lila home for a visit. I had so much fun with them here. Marissa cooked dinner some nights and helped with housework throughout her visit and even if she didn't do any of that I would love having her home for a visit. 


I'm getting real neglectful about blogging. I notice most of my blogging friends are too. However, I continue on.....