Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lila Rose

March 1 Marissa and Levi added a new member to their family, Lila Rose. Terry and I made a quick trip to Salt Lake to see her and then I went back a few days later to help out for a week. I gave Finn his first haircut while I was there. He even climbed up on my lap and let me read to him. Lila is a very calm baby and I spent lots of time cuddling with her. Kaitlynn came to Salt Lake and spent her birthday with me and Marissa's family. She made her first solo trip from SLC to Vernal and back again to pick me up. She and I did some shopping while she was in town. It was a great week!!! 

Carter and I had a birthday on February 17th. Carter turned 11 and I turned.... one year older than last year. 

Jenna and Ava visited for a week while Ryan went on the annual snowmobile trip with the men in his family. Jenna had a birthday while she was visiting (February 10th) so we got to celebrate with her.