Sunday, September 25, 2011

Little Lila in the Bowl

photo by Devin Caldwell
My Mom's parents owned Collier Furniture. In the store there was a crystal punch bowl. I'm not sure why, but my grandparents had the local photographer (Mr. Thorne) take Mom's picture in the punch bowl when she was six months old. When I was six months old, Mom borrowed the bowl from the family who had purchased it, and Mr. Thorne took my picture in it. By the time my oldest daughter, Ann was six months old there was a crack in the bowl and it was a family heirloom so her picture was taken by Mr. Thorne in a different bowl. Now my daughter Marissa's little one, Lila (named after my mother) is six months old and her picture was taken Saturday in a punch bowl. If you look carefully, you can see that all the babies are wearing the same bracelet.

March 1931
August 1955
Ann Marie
June 1980

Lila Rose
September 2011

Seattle Trip

 This year Terry and Carter, along with Terry's brother Corey and his son, Jevan took a trip to Seattle Washington to see the Boston Red Sox play. Carter got his first airplane ride, saw the ocean (even took a boat tour of the harbor), the Space Needle, visited the Hard Rock Cafe, AND watched the Red Sox. Carter got his picture taken with 2 of the players that they happened to see outside the ballpark. It was a GREAT trip!

Summer and Beyond

We had a family picture taken during Cousin Camp. This year I had a picture of just the adults. Why? No one really likes getting ready for a family picture so this way the picture won't outdate as quickly since it's the grandchildren that change so fast or get added to the family. Of course, Kaitlynn could change things too.

Melinda Smith Photography

We had a busy summer. Marissa, Levi, Ryan, Heidi, Isaac, Brooklynn, Cameron and Kairi all had birthdays. Isaac is now 6, and Brooklynn and Kairi are 8. Jenna, Ryan and Ava moved back to Vernal. School is in session again. Carter is in 6th grade, Brooklynn is in 2nd and Isaac is in Pre 1st. Terry, Kaitlynn, Carter, Isaac and myself went to see the Ringling Brothers Circus last week. Carter is playing Fall Ball. Most games he's pitching 1-2 innings as well as catching and playing 2nd base. Yesterday Jenna and I canned peaches. We've been eating lots of them fresh and barbequeing outside while the weather is nice.