Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ann's kids

I took these pictures of Ann's kids on Easter morning. Carter had the idea of using the piano bench for a prop, and I finally got a great picture of Isaac to replace the very outdated one I have of him on the wall.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Message

Even while we colored Easter eggs we talked about the reason we celebrate Easter. I also explained that bunnies and chicks represent new life. For the most profound Easter message I would encourage everyone to watch the new Easter video found on the home page of with your family.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Festivities

Like many of you, the Easter bunny visited our home on Friday night. Carter was hoping his basket would be hidden in a really difficult to find place. I think he got his wish, so did Kait though I'm not sure that was her wish. The Easter bunny is challenged at our house by having to put baskets out of the reach of our dog, Bailey. Regardless of what you might read about dogs and chocolate, Bailey loves chocolate and can sniff it out anywhere. He has been known to eat chocolate oranges wrapped under the Christmas tree and is still alive and well.

Carter, with his recently new found knowledge asked me, "Where would the Easter bunny stay?" "Well," I replied, "Bunnies live in cages. That doesn't seem too likely. Santa lives at the North Pole. I don't know. What do you think?" Any answers? Isaac in is wisdom keeps asking me, "Does the Easter bunny have his costume on?"

Thursday we colored Easter eggs. I remember doing this years ago when Cameron and Ann were little (probably 3 & 2 years old). I was excited about letting them do it and later wondered if I even considered the mess they would most likely make. Ann was wearing a dress with a white yoke; and, yes, she spilled yellow egg coloring all over her dress. As I recall, we didn't fuss too much about it but just enjoyed what we were doing........ and, the dress washed up just fine.

So now here I am many years later with much egg coloring wisdom. You'll notice from the pictures that the entire table is covered with newspapers and little people are only allowed one color at a time; that of course, reduces the number of spills and makes the activity last longer. I am happy to report..... there were no spills but lots of happy faces!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Conference & Family

Sunday afternoon Cameron, Heidi and their girls joined us for dinner and the last session of General Conference. Kairi was concerned that Grandma wouldn't have bingo cards but she was assured that I would. As much as I don't like candy these days (Isaac gets way TOO much) we did play bingo with M&Ms and treats for winners. Cameron of course was helpful with his wide interpretation of the bingo words so there were more winners. Conference was really good, at least the part I got to listen to. Thank goodness for and the Ensign.

Baby Ellie slept through conference but we had fun holding her afterwards.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Kaitlynn

March 15th..... 18 and all grown up. Well, almost!

This was the only picture I got of Kait on her birthday. She has a busy life. Her birthday was on a Sunday this year.... right in the middle of the high school musical of which she has been head technical director for. She is also doing a 2-hour internship at the hospital pharmacy each school day, as well as working part time at West End Cleaners. Along with everything else she still manages to squeeze in terrific grades and time with friends. Did I mention she's a really terrific person!!! We love her a lot!