Friday, November 30, 2012

Halloween and Beyond

While Marissa and Levi were here for Thanksgiving we went out for Chinese. Lila didn't want anyone to carry her or even hold her hand, but she would let Isaac hold her hand. It's was pretty sweet to watch.

Once again Carter and his cousin Jared played together for the Federation Duet Festival. Their performance wasn't as polished as in the past, but the still received a Superior rating.

A recent trip to IFA was an opportunity for Isaac to pet a rabbit. Terry and I were price shopping food storage items and one of the workers offered to let Isaac pet the rabbit. 

As usual, Isaac got a bucket full of candy. I have say though, as much as he LOVES candy; he's very generous with it.

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Jenna said...

Carter looks so handsome and so grown up in his suit! I love that Isaac always seems to be the one all the kids want to hold hands with. He is so great to do it too! And I bet he loved getting to pet that rabbit!